Congregational Committees

Fellowship Committee

Chairperson – By Committee

The Fellowship Committee works to foster the social and spiritual needs of the Congregation by providing opportunities for the members to develop deeper relationships with each other.  As a family of faith it is our goal to foster a friendly environment providing enjoyment for both visitors and members of Reformation Lutheran Church.

Some specific examples include providing:

  • Meals for Wednesday night activities, such as Advent and Lenten Dinners and meals prior to Bible Study classes.
  • A community meal during our annual Harvest Festival and Trunk or Treat.
  • An annual Thanksgiving meal after church service.
  • An annual Easter meal after church service.
  • Cakes for special events such as birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Meals during times of illness or grief.
  • Opportunities for a regular night of games and fellowship.

Mission and Ministry Committee

Chairperson – Gabi Owen

The Mission and Ministry Committee serves to ensure that the Gospel shared within this congregation is also shared publicly with this community, nation and this world.  The service of this committee shall include evangelism, outreach and service both to members of this congregation and to others apart from this Family of Faith.  This committee shall oversee the following areas:  witness, evangelism training, new member orientation, visitors, service projects, greeters, public relations and advertisements.

We support a variety of community causes and ministries such as:

  • Providing Christian gifts to visiting children (bracelets, etc) and provide church t-shirts for new members.
  • Providing school supplies to children in need.
  • Supporting community agencies such as the House of Time, Hope Harbour, Damascus Way and the boys home, Carpenter’s Way.
  • Hosting community events such as a Harvest Festival and a Christmas Shop for kids.

Parish Education and Youth Committee

Chairperson – By Committee

The Parish Education and Youth Committee ensures that the learning and growing ministry of Reformation Lutheran Church reflects a Christian and Lutheran understanding of the Gospel as offered through Jesus Christ crucified.  Educational opportunities are provided for persons of all ages through programs of structured learning, youth programming, and community service.

The Parish Education Committee:

  • Coordinates children and youth Sunday School activities and Bible studies.
  • Coordinates a regularly scheduled Bible Study for women.
  • Works in conjunction with the Pastor to develop a planned schedule and coordinating instruction and activities for Confirmation and First Communion Instruction.
  • Coordinates the instruction and activities for Vacation Bible School.
  • Recommends the purchase of subscriptions and devotionals that will uplift the members of the congregation and community.

Property Committee

Chairperson – Junior Erickson

The Property Committee is in charge of the maintenance and care of the physical items of Reformation Lutheran Church.
This committee shares the vision for the acquisition, repair, and disposal of items, presenting its recommendations and evaluations to the Church Council and to the membership .

The property committee:

  • Coordinates a monthly church workday.
  • Meets with executive committee to address any building issues and concerns.
  • Oversees the general weekly cleaning of the church.
  • Insures that each Sunday the church is closed according to the posted set of instructions.

Stewardship & Finance Committee

Chairperson – Matthew DeWinter

The Stewardship and Finance Committee works with the Treasurer to ensure the financial stability of Reformation Lutheran Church.

The stewardship and Finance Committee:

  • Monitor the monthly finances of the church.
  • Oversees the annual financial audit of the churches finances.
  • Provides a proposed annual budget to the congregation.
  • Oversees any fundraising activities.

Worship and Music Committee

Chairperson – Chuck Hunsaker

The Worship & Music Committee ensures that the worship services of Reformation Lutheran Church reflect the praise and service of Jesus Christ.

This Committee is responsible for:

  • Training laypersons for participation in the worship service.
  • Working with the Pastor and Organist in the selection of both the regular and special music for worship services.
  • Creating and posting a calendar identifying the laypersons responsible each week who will assist with the worship service.
  • Train and schedule the altar guild volunteers.
  • Train and schedule ushers for each worship service.
  • Train and schedule the acolytes for each worship service.
  • Train and schedule the greeters for each worship service.
  • Provide a sign-up sheet for altar flowers.
  • Purchasing appropriate banners and altar elements.